Bvckup blog. Assorted notes on the design of fast real-time backup software.

Tying up some loose ends.

A gentle warning for those running NoScript plugin. Here is a demo.

A notice to introduce this blog on the homepage.

Just started on slicing the blog footer comp, should be done by Monday.

The last thing before that was a matter of input control styling. After trying this and that the following was a set of lucky finalists:

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Half way through redoing the blog footer from its temporary form -

to something a bit more elaborated -

The footer will then further be recycled for the main website, so this ties into the styling work of the main site.

A pair of sketches to show a bit of the “behind the scenes” design routine. In this case it’s the styling of the sidebar information that accompanies every post.

The first option used icons as link labels:

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This post describes a simple way to push a web page footer to the bottom of the browser window when there’s no enough content to fill full height of the window.

Sticky footer can be implemented in pure HTML/CSS, see for example here or here. This approach however has one, rather annoying drawback - it requires zero vertical margins on all page elements.

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Almost done with blog’s design and coding, only a couple of things left to tackle.

First is the styling of the embedded images, nothing too complicated, just trying to keep it consistent with the minimalistic approach of the overall design. Two options are:

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Working on a proper blog design and it is coming together very nicely. Some bits and pieces are on Dribbble, have a look if curious.